Region Meiyuan Xincun Museum, Nanjing

Year     2014

Nanjing Memory

The National Memorial Day for the Victims



地点   南京梅园新村纪念馆

年份   二〇一四年




The day, 13th December 2014, is China's First National Memorial Day for the Victims in Nanjing Massacre. This poster designed by Mr. Xiaofeng Wang has been chosen in the Remember 1213 International Invitational Poster Exhibition. It has been exhibited and collected by Meiyuan Xincun Museum in Nanjing.

The poster combines hand and grass to describe death and living, to remind people the victims' forever living. The posters were printed in handmade silk-screen technology, and cut by hand. Limit 30 pieces on black colour.

The poster is announced to be one of the most popular posters by citizen.


Xiaofeng Wang, All rights reserved.