总监   肖勇

指导   王小枫

设计   杜虹燚、尹晓飞、包世宏、宋习文

服务   奥林匹克艺术与设计中心

地区   中国北京

年份   二〇〇六年

Director   Xiao Yong

Leader    Xiaofeng Wang

Design    Hongyi Du, Xiaofei Yin, Shihong Bao, Xiwen Song

Service   Olympic Design Centre

Region    Beijing, China

Year        2006

Beijing Olympic Tower

Identity for BOCGO Building




It is a great honour for us to design such a successful visual identity for Beijing Olympic Tower, BOCGO (Beijing Organising Committee for the Games of the 29th Olympiad).

This was a huge programme included the theme of cloud illustration Beijing Olympic Games, head of the building, tremendous light-box of the main logo, and the final pack of its construction. Colourful banners were especially designed to suit with different seasons. Since the year 2006, this building has been covered by this visual expression and arranging every event of the imminent Beijing Olympic Games.


Xiaofeng Wang, All rights reserved.