Identity for Art Expo in Shanghai

Design  Xiaofeng Wang, Haozhen Qi

Client    Vo & Lum

Region Shanghai, China

Year     2010




设计   王小枫,齐浩祯

客户   午缕文化传播

地区   中国上海

年份   二〇一〇年


EuroPA Shanghai was a series exhibition of European Art Exhibitions during Shanghai Expo 2010. According to the different categories of European fine art and fashion craftsmanship, the annual event comprised three exhibitions. Their themes are: Classic Art, Savoir-Faire and Creation. Our strategy was to build up a connection between the main logo and the theme logo, to make them both visualized and harmony to each other. This was worked to express the exhibitions' series property. The Plus Sign was characterized as main tool of communication and also serviced for visual extension. The colours were chosen from the National Flags of some European countries. Their combinations with the Plus Sign reflected the diversity of European Art Culture enormously. Our work also included the Bilingual Theme List and the Bilingual album of Art.


Xiaofeng Wang, All rights reserved.