Director Xiaofeng Wang

Design  Haozhen Qi

Client    Middle Space

Place    Beijing, China

Year      2011

Middle Space

Identity for Art Gallery in CIGE



总监   王小枫

设计   齐浩祯

客户   反空间

服务   北京

年份   二〇一一年


反空间在CIGE2011中国国际画廊博览会进行视觉设计,艺术家包括中国艺术家吴啸海、旅法艺术家李东陆、法国艺术家埃尔维厄泽和日本艺术家Katsushiro Isobe。该设计项目涵盖标志与视觉形象、艺术家手册、海报、邀请函、网站、展览和活动相关的视觉应用系统与实施方案,设计概念源于艺术与空间的结合。

The visual identity of the Middle Space Art Gallery and the visual system of Middle Space and CIGE (China International Gallery Expo.) The artists included Li Donglu (China), Wu Xiaohai (China), Hervé Heuzé (France), and Katsushiro Isobe (Japan). The whole project included Logo and VI system, Catalogues of Artists, Invitation, Poster, Website, Exhibition Layout and design for relevant activities. The Logo concept was inspired from the connection between Space and Time. The whole visual system was the construction of discovering the possible combination from Space and the Art pieces.


Xiaofeng Wang, All rights reserved.