Director Bruno Oldani

Client Sti for Øye

Place Oslo, Norway

Year 2009

Sti for Øye

Signage System for Art Zone




总监   布鲁诺欧达尼

客户   艺荫小路

位置   挪威奥斯陆

年份   二〇〇九年


Sti for Øye, Art on Path in English, is an Art Zone in the forest of Norway. The signage system includes designs of map, info board, 3D Logo, 3D signage board, light box etc.

The exhibition boards include official introduction boards and individual presentation boards of the artists. The form of construction still offers different variations for each artist.

Logo type included 29 alphabets and 10 figures and colour standard. This True-Type font named Sti for its theme.


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