Design Xiaofeng Wang, Xinyue Fu

Client Nuohengda, Shenzhen

Place Shenzhen, China

Year 2012

Pour des Vins de Qualité

Wine Shop

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Pour des Vins de Qualite is the brand for the import wine company based in Nuohengda Trade in Shenzhen. Because of the company's property, our concept of designing focused on communicating the label of wine to the target audience. Such concept would wake up the taste sense of people who knew wine. We used big contract Song type to keep the same feature as the most typefaces on wine label. The slight strikes would express the high-value of the qualified products depended on the high-quality printing. Colours were chosen from label paper, and the extended red, golden and silver told the honour and elegance of the products.




设计   王小枫,富新月

客户   深圳诺恒达

服务   中国深圳

年份   二〇一二年

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